Prevention is the best medicine - Australia's experts in transport refrigeration services for Thermo King & Carrier refrigeration units.

Scheduled Servicing

It's a well-known fact that planning your refrigeration maintenance is the best way to ensure continuous service for your customers and longevity of your fleet. Whether your fleet has 2 or 2000 Units, Iceman offers unparalleled transport refrigeration services to give you maximum on-road time.

With proven business systems and a long history of expertise managing some of the largest Refrigeration Fleets in Australia, Iceman can tailor a maintenance program to suit your fleet, large or small.

Issues with mobile refrigeration units can quickly affect your entire supply chain, costing you money and time. With routine maintenance from our experts here at Iceman, you can count on your units working perfectly at all times. That means fewer surprises for you to deal with and longer service-life from each of your mobile refrigeration units.

Maintenance makes perfect, and our specialists have perfected the process to keep your supply network in motion.

We specialise in the widely-used Thermo King and Carrier brand refrigeration units, and we're fully equipped to carefully inspect them on a regular basis.

Any issues our technicians encounter with your units are patched up and repaired quickly — well before they can cause your business any trouble or delays. We ensure each of your units receives scheduled maintenance right on time to keep them in working condition and guarantee they are producing the right temperatures to preserve your perishable goods.

All essential parts of your unit can be assessed by our team for wear and damage. With our help, you can wave goodbye to leaky evaporator coils, malfunctioning condenser coils and dodgy compressors.

Cleaning, inspecting, repairing... We do it all so you don’t have to.