Thermo King vs Carrier: What Is the Difference?

Continuous innovation in cold chain technology and logistics has created a vastly improved international transport network. At the heart of this vital industry are transport refrigeration units, such as those available from Thermo King and Carrier. But which of these is best, and what differentiates them? Thermo King and Carrier create some of the highest…

How Does Transport Refrigeration Work?

Transport refrigeration forms an integral part of the so-called “cold chain,” which makes moving time and environment-sensitive products possible. Whenever an item or a large quantity of items need to be kept fresh from the time that they’re harvested/collected/produced to the time that they’re purchased/received/distributed, transport refrigeration will be required to do so. This applies…

Why You Should Plan Maintenance for Your Transport Refrigeration Units

Maintaining transport refrigeration units is a necessity for any business that specialises in transporting perishable goods. As retail and consumer demands continue to evolve over time, the need for carefully controlled storage and logistics processes grows. It’s incredibly risky and ill-advised to only service vital transport refrigeration units when they show signs of trouble —…

5 Benefits of Regular Transport Refrigeration Maintenance

When disaster strikes and your critical transport refrigeration unit stops working, what can be done? Repairing a reefer unit takes time, plus an inconvenient patch-up can seriously impact scheduling efforts, profits and more. With regular maintenance, the nightmare of unforeseen transport unit failures and spoiled freight can largely be eliminated. A basic overview of how…

What to Do if Your Refrigeration Unit Breaks Down Mid-Transit

Suffering a refrigeration unit breakdown in mid-transit can prove to be catastrophic for your company and clients. Expensive shipments that depend on low temperatures to stave off spoilage can quickly be lost due to a malfunctioning unit. Although refrigeration units are complex, it’s not impossible to figure out what might be wrong with them when…


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