Fleet Maintenance & Servicing

Trailer serviceIceman know fleets. We know what is important about keeping them on the road and we strive each and everyday to help you keep your fleet out there turning the loads.

From Doors to Brakes

Inside and out, engaging Iceman to manage your fleet maintenance will provide you with greater control over your off road time. Iceman’ s central database allows us to monitor when your services are due and provides you with regular reports to assist you in planning your workforce. We can ensure that your trailer is prioritised to have both trailer body work and servicing scheduled with minimal disruption to your business.

Customised Service Needs

If you have a set way you want a Service carried out to assure quality and continuity among your fleet, Iceman will happily accommodate. Our systems are well established and our staff very thorough. All additional service or repair needs are carefully documented allowing you time to plan your next service or repair with pre-knowledge of any existing issue.

On-Site Servicing

Contact us today to discuss your fleet management needs, large or small we can cater for your ongoing needs.For basic servicing, door maintenance and repair Iceman can come to you. Our service vans are equipped with  a comprehensive array of trailer parts for Trailer service and parts for minor body work including doors, seals and panels.