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vans2 Long or Short Term Refrigerated Trailer Hire

Purchasing a fleet of Refrigerated Trailers is not always an easy or viable exercise. Depending on the size of your business and the volume of product you ship,  your most cost-effective and convenient option may be to hire a trailer. At Iceman Trailer Hire, you can for fill your product commitment without a long-term maintenance cost.

Iceman Trailer Hire provides reliable refrigerated trailers that you can hire on a long or short-term basis. Our short-term rental program allows you to move large quantities of refrigerated product long-distances over a limited period of time. Short-term hire is ideal for businesses that only occasionally ship perishable goods, such as during the summer or holiday season. They are also ideal when there’s a peak in demand or when one of your own Refrigerated Trailers are off road for service or repair.


Benefits of Short-Term Hire

  • Hire available for 1 day or as long as you want
  • Customer satisfaction and reliability as you are able to meet sudden / seasonal demands
  • No Trailer maintenance, repair, road service, licensing or storage costs


Long Term Hire For Continuous Service

  • Hire for 3 months or more and save on your weekly rental
  • Regular scheduled payments can assist with managing cash flow
  • Try out the Refrigeration Transport Industry before you commit to a full fleet


Iceman Trailer Hire will happily discuss your long term hire needs. We have a variety of options with Service and Maintenance plans included. Contact Us to discuss your needs with our experienced staff today.

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Increase Productivity, Lower Down Timeour fleet of refrigerated vehicles

Plan your Service Maintenance ahead of time and book a hire trailer while your Trailer is in the shop. What better way to offer your customers non stop and reliable service.


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