Refrigerated Fleet Maintenance

Prevention is the best medicine – Australia’s Thermo King & Carrier Refrigeration Unit Experts

one of our mechanics repairing a thermo king unitIt’s a well known fact that planning your refrigeration maintenance is the best way to ensure continuous service for your customers and longevity of your fleet. Whether you have 2 Units or 200 Units, Iceman offers unparalleled service to give you maximum road time.

With proven business systems and a long history of expertise managing some of the largest Refrigeration Fleets in Australia, Iceman can tailor a Maintenance program to suit your fleet, large or small.  Iceman are Australia’s experts in repairing Thermo King & Carrier refrigeration units.  For any information on the refrigeration units that we service, please contact us today.

Maintenance Scheduling

When your unit is serviced or repaired by Iceman, our technicians take the time to look over the important running aspects of your fridge plant. Their comprehensive report is held by our central database and from this point we can provide you with ongoing maintenance scheduling to assist you in keeping on top of any service requirements, warranty repairs and temperature data management needs.

Whether you require a regular weekly or monthly “quick” checks or would like to maintain your fleet within the recommended Service Interval, Iceman can track your fleet and alert you to when to book in your unit. Not only does this help you manage your fleet to cover your customer’s needs, it allows us to keep a good eye on your unit to help prevent any impending major issues, saving you money and off road time.

Service Reporting and Unit Calibration

Iceman Technicians can provide a comprehensive report on your unit’s performance and are fully accredited by the Australian Refrigeration Council. Your unit service can include a comprehensive report and calibration certificate to ensure you comply with Australian Food Transporting Regulations. Our Service administrators can capture and report on many different aspects of your unit’s performance. We can tailor a program for your needs so contact us today to discuss.

Temperature Data Recording

Information is such an important factor in ensuring quality in the Refrigeration Industry. The data logging in your refrigeration Unit tells a story and that story is interpreted and analysed by our professional staff. We can extract, interpret and report the performance of your unit giving you and your customers the confidence of quality cargo, time after time.

It’s not just a Fridge

one of our mechanics repairing a carrier unit

Iceman understands that the fridge is just part of the story for a fleet of refrigerated trucks or trailers. Having evolved from a 2 man show to an industry leader, we’ve listened to the needs of our customers and offer more than just refrigeration.

Trailer Servicing & Repair

Our department technicians work as a team. With cross knowledge of your trailer, we can schedule your trailer service at the same time as your refrigeration service reducing your down time and getting your valuable asset back on the road and fully functional with minimal hassle. For more information on what Trailer Service we offer, click here.

If your refrigeration unit is damaged, occasionally the surrounding trailer body sustains damage too. Iceman Trailer Repairs offer top and corner cap replacement, door repairs, extensive fiberglass repairs including paint blends and we are fully backed by most insurers. Inside and out, Iceman Trailer Repairs are committed to quick quality service. For a full range of repair services, click here or “Get a Quote” below.