Breakdown & Repair

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No matter where or when, Iceman is here

Not all things go to plan all of the time. If your refrigeration unit fails, response time is Iceman’s biggest priority. The quicker we can get to you to repair, the quicker you are back on the road with minimal fuss. That’s why our on call technicians are on their way to you within minutes of receiving your breakdown call.

Australia Wide Networks

Iceman has exisiting relationships with a wide range of repairers Australia wide, so if you break down in Broken Hill or Bega, Tennant Creek or Townsville our service never stops. Our on call technician will guide you to the closest repairer, or have one come to you.. day or night… its that easy!

We Follow Up on our Work

If you’ve had a callout by Iceman, you can expect to hear from us when you reach your destination. We like to make sure you didn’t experience any further issues and that whatever the problem was with your Unit is no longer a problem. Its all part of the treatment at Iceman.

We Communicate

Our Technicians talk to you. If you’ve had a problem with your Unit, then we tell you what the problem was and if possible, let you know how to avoid it in the future. If your problem needs follow up attention, perhaps a Major Service, Further Repairs or Pressure Cleaning Treatment, we can arrange to book you in with our Refrigeration Service Department, or have you seen at your next destination. We work as a Team at Iceman.



photo 17Major & Minor Repairs

If it’s too complicated for our Iceman Technicians to fix.. It means your Unit is beyond repair! Our Technicians have seen it all and what they haven’t seen, has never been done, just ask our Service Manager!

Iceman Warranty

We repair all makes and models of Refrigeration Units and are fully supported by Iceman Parts to ensure the quickest repair turnaround to keep you on the road. We warrant all our repairs and provide comprehensive reports to keep you informed about the service on your unit.

Refrigerant Leak Specialists

Our Technicians have developed advanced skills in detecting and repairing refrigerant loss. We are fully accredited by the Australian Refrigeration Council and are equipped with all refrigerant types to repair your unit.